Online Student Training Agreement

This agreement must be completed before you will be permitted to gain access to the online course. An email will be sent to you to collect this agreement from you electronically prior to the shipment of your Plamere device. We value our students immensely and want to protect the integrity of our community by taking all necessary steps to prevent abuse and misuse of our online community and of our brand. WE appreciate your cooperation in ensuring this platform is utilized entirely for educational purposes. 

Note: All lessons and chapters in this module are protected under copyright. Any illegal copying or redistribution of the module contents is subject to imprisonment and fines to the maximum extend of the law. Learn more about drafting lessons here.

Student Training Agreement 

THIS AGREEMENT is made by and between The Center For Permanent & Corrective Cosmetics, L.L.C. (“The Center”) and  YOU (“Student”). You agree to provide The Center with your photo identification, shipping and home address prior to the shipment of your Plamere Plasma Device and Starter Kit.

In consideration of mutual promises set forth below, and intending to be legally bound, the parties agree as follows:

Student shall complete the Online Training Program (“Program”) offered and conducted by The Center at the desired pace of the student. The student agrees to complete the program within 1 year from the date of enrollment. Student agrees they must complete the program to receive their certification. Student agrees their failure to not complete the program does not warrant a refund. The Program will cover the Plasma skin tightening and lifting techniques via Plamere. The tuition cost of the Program is non refundable for any reason after enrollment.  

If student fails to complete the class or chooses to abandon the class for personal reasons  or student voluntarily selects to discontinue their participation in the training course tuition is non-refundable.  In the event the student dies within 1 month of enrollment but prior to completing the course and receiving their certification student estate can be reimbursed for the cost of the module minus the Plamere starter kit. 

If the student feels additional training is needed the student may arrange with The Center to purchase attendance in an in person class a subsequent training at an additional cost.  Student may also schedule a virtual training session with an instructor to practice live with their device or their model.

Any dispute over this contract is subject to the courts of the State of Florida in the United States.

Upon registration, Student will be sent the student agreement by email to be completed prior to the shipment of the Plamere Starter Kit.  

Student further acknowledges and agrees that:

  • It is Student’s responsibility to investigate all licensing, apprenticeship, insurance and other state and local requirements for the practice of permanent cosmetics in the area in which he or she intends to work. Student is not entitled to  a refund if they are unable to utilize the technology where they reside for any reason.
  • Student may return to The Center as needed or seek mentorship from their instructor for any additional questions regarding the technique and subjects covered in their course through the online education portal at additional cost to the student. This is not a service provided for by the tuition paid for by student for the online training program and the parameters of this contract and the offering of additional training services is subject to be terminated, revoked or denied at the sole discretion of The Center and its instructors. 
  • Tuition is not refundable in any circumstance other than death of student prior to the completion of the course in 1 month time after enrollment. Tuition is nonrefundable for any and all reasons after the training course is completed. Student agrees the services received in this contract are non refundable and any claim of refund or attempt to charge back student tuition will result in great harm and deprivation of just compensation to The Center and its instructors thus student agrees to double compensation and attorneys fees for any resulting legal action necessary to enforce payment of money due under this contract to the benefit of The Center and its instructors. 
  • Neither The Center nor any of its instructors, employees or other agents (the “Center Parties”) may be held liable or otherwise responsible for any injury, death or other damage suffered by Student or any individual upon which Student performs any permanent cosmetic procedure, at any time during or after the completion of the Program; and Student shall release, indemnify and hold harmless the Center Parties from any claim or lawsuit arising out of Student’s participation in the Program or performance of such procedures. 
 ***The student must complete the training agreement to receive the kit which includes their Plamere device, additional contents vary within geographic locations. Students must complete the course review sheet prior to receiving their certification. Any student dispute of the terms of this contract or the satisfaction of the course will result in the immediate forfeiture of the student kit. Any student attempting to dispute payment or charge back after the completion of their course and receipt of the Plamere agrees to pay The Center double the amount due under this contract for violating this term of the contract.